Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

The surviving Resistance faces the First Order once again as the journey of Rey, Finn and Poe Dameron continues. With the power and knowledge of generations behind them, the final battle begins.

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It put right some wrongs... by Peter Roberts
over 4 years ago

I dont care what the critics say I liked it! The movie was actually quite awesome (especially if you disliked the last jedi). Its plot is a bit off-pace in some areas and there are many things that don't completely make sense, but it is emotionally satisfying and is gives some great moments at the end in honour of the original trilogy.

*Some Spoilers*

In the previous films one of the common criticisms was Rey had powers without enough explanation or training. Whether this was true or not, this movie completely renders the point moot. Not only does it provide ample explanation for her connection to the force, it also clearly establishes that she has constantly been training since the end of The Last Jedi. All of her new skills and abilities can be explained away by this and they seem to have a natural progression that accumulates in her powers during the climax.

In addition, her story arc is downright awesome. Basically, it covers her discovery of her identity and her struggles with resisting the dark side, which receives constant build-up and foreshadowing until it concludes with her final choice in the end: choose to follow the path set by her heritage or refuse and stay true to what she believes is right. It is very emotionally satisfying when the tension that is expertly built up is finally released.

Kylo Ren also receives an effective (if somewhat poorly-paced) story that brings his character to a conclusion. I didnt quite feel his story ended in the right way but it would be difficult to see any other path. He becomes more than just a generic villain and truly becomes among the best antagonists Star Wars has to offer (from the Disney films anyway). Later in the movie, his connection with Rey is brought to the forefront in ways that are both unexpected and compelling.

Overall, I think the movie has excellent characters, faithful callouts to previous films, a grand scale, epic battles, and a climax that up there with other Star Wars films. However, the plot itself seems poorly paced, especially at the beginning. I'd say the movie doesn't truly hit its stride until the scene when the heroes infiltrate a star destroyer to rescue a captured character from the First Order.

All in all, I would recommend watching it. It is a movie full of spectacle and emotion that delivers on the promises set up in the Force Awakens and rights the wrong from The Last Jedi. That is probably because JJ Abrahams was back at the helm.

I do have one question: In Solo we get an appearance from Darth Maul, what happened to him in the story line????? Maybe if they want to revisit the story or characters they can have Rey and Darth Maul fight it out.


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9.0 stars

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