Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

(19 Years before Episode IV) Three years after the onset of the Clone Wars, the Jedi Knights have been leading the clone army into a galaxy-wide war against the Separatists. Only by embracing the Dark Side can Anakin Skywalker end the war and -- He believes -- Save the woman he loves.

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all a Star Wars fan wants by piptastic
almost 11 years ago

After Episode one and two had been slated so hard by the media, it was fair to say people where thinking the worst of Three before it even came out. This is what this trilogy is all about, Anakin turning to the dark side and becoming the most infamous villain in cinematic history. They Delivered. Watching Anakin have his Vader suit fitted is arguably the best star wars moment of the new trilogy, and the scrap that went off prior to that with Obi-wan is unrivalled.... not to mention the Emperors and Yoda’s dule! One Laughable bit of acting from Ewan aside (I’ve seen him killing ... youglings) he really nails Obi-wan for me in this instalment. If I could change two things about this trilogy it would be to remove Jar Jar Binks and not to have Samuel L Jackson in the movies. And I was disappointed how easily Palpertine dispensed of the Jedi masters who came to arrest him... other than that... this is a gem for any Star Wars fan.


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10.0 stars

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Release Date
Runtime 140 minutes
Studio Lucasfilm
Genre Science Fiction, Adventure, Action, Fantasy
Budget $113,000,000
Revenue $850,000,000

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