The Breakfast Club

In this 1980s Brat Pack film, the athlete, the brain, the criminal, the princess and the basket case break through the social barriers of high school during Saturday detention. The disparate group clashes at first but begin to bond as they reveal their feelings and find a common enemy in their bully principal.

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Detention by Peter Roberts
almost 11 years ago

There are teen movies that stick in the mind and stand out from the crowd, and then there is 'The Breakfast Club' this is the best teen movie ever. Nothing else comes close, not even 'Dazed and Confused'. This is a very tightly filmed special journey. All taking place over on Saturday mornings detention. The various character that represent each aspect of teen life learn something about each other and themselves. Love it, Love it, Love it.


Film Score

10.0 stars

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Release Date
Runtime 97 minutes
Studio Universal Pictures, A&M Films, Channel Productions
Genre Comedy, Drama
Budget $0
Revenue $45,875,171

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