The Graduate

Recent college graduate Benjamin Braddock is seduced by the wife of his father's business partner, Mrs. Robinson. Benjamin soon finds himself falling in love with her daughter, Elaine, as the affair with Mrs. Robinson mother comes back to haunt him.

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Are you trying to seduce me? by Peter Roberts
over 5 years ago

I would have....

This film is brilliant in everyway. There is not one thing I dont like about it. Hoffman is truely great as is everyone in the cast. Anne Bancroft is fit for an older lady and if I was in Benjamin's position I would have done the same thing. Everyone knows the songs from the film as they are art of pop culture in their own right. The scene at the end with Benjamin banging on the glass in the church has been copied and parodied so many times that it will never be fogotten. I have this in my collection on VHS and a collectors DVD.

I love watching it just to see the change in Benjamin from his awkward teenage self, not knowing what he wants to do or where he fits in, (something we can all relate to), to his cool black shade wearing rebel phase from which he ultimatley finds his true love and discovers what his future holds, the daughter of Mrs Robinson.


Film Score

9.0 stars

Film Information

Runtime 106 minutes
Studio Embassy Pictures Corporation, Lawrence Turman
Genre Comedy, Drama, Romance
Budget $3,000,000
Revenue $104,397,102

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