The Usual Suspects

Following a truck hijack in New York, five conmen are arrested and brought together for questioning. As none of them is guilty, they plan a revenge operation against the police. The operation goes well, but then the influence of a legendary mastermind criminal called Keyser Söze is felt. It becomes clear that each one of them has wronged Söze at some point and must pay back now. The payback job leaves 27 men dead in a boat explosion, but the real question arises now: Who actually is Keyser Söze?

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Did you work it out? by Peter Roberts
over 10 years ago

I didn't. However the journey to the end was fantastic. It is a fast paced thriller that has you intrigued all the way to the end. This is an early Bryan Singer film, before he started on X-Men and boy did he do a good job on this one. It does not let you down in any area and all the performances are top draw even from Stephen Baldwin.


Film Score

9.0 stars

Film Information

Release Date
Runtime 106 minutes
Studio PolyGram Filmed Entertainment
Genre Crime, Mystery, Thriller
Budget $6,000,000
Revenue $23,341,568

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