When Ripley's lifepod is found by a salvage crew over 50 years later, she finds that terra-formers are on the very planet they found the alien species. When the company sends a family of colonists out to investigate her story... all contact is lost with the planet and colonists. They enlist Ripley and the colonial marines to return and search for answers.

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James Cameron, the sequel king? by Peter Roberts
almost 10 years ago

He did this follow up to Alien and it is well worth it, he did the follow up to Terminator which was also great. Is he the sequel king or does that title belong to Irvin Kershner for "The Empire Strike Back".

Well of course it's Kershner but Cameron deserves second place. These films gave Cameron the chance to go and on make some of the biggest Hollywood blockbusters, he made 3D profitable with Avitar. But enough about Cameron let's talk about the film.

Go and see it or buy the box set on blue ray it's a fucking good film!

A lesson in how to make a sequel! by Anthony O'Toole
about 10 years ago

The original was a tense deep space nightmare - This was a mind blowing, action packed, hunting trip into deep space and in true american style all subtlety is left at home to make room for the biggest guns they can find. The long running time is used to build some surprisingly deep characters for this type of film and while it doesn't have quite the same level of tension as the original, much is still present and the rest has been replaced by some of the best action I have ever seen on the big screen.

If you can sit still long enough, the special edition is well worth the extra 20 odd minutes of your time, adding yet more depth to the story. Either way, this is an action packed sci-fi treat and one of my favourite films of all time.

I want a pet alien by piptastic
over 10 years ago

The follow up to the hugely successful alien movie decided to have a change of tact. This time instead of being hunted, they are hunting with a team of commandos. Not as suspenseful as the first movie, but as jumpy with far more action. Brilliant follow up.


Film Score

9.3 stars

Film Information

Release Date
Runtime 137 minutes
Studio SLM Production Group, 20th Century Fox, Brandywine Productions Ltd.
Genre Horror, Action, Thriller, Science Fiction
Budget $18,500,000
Revenue $131,060,248

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