The Iceman

The true story of Richard Kuklinski, the notorious contract killer and family man.

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Ice Ice Baby by piptastic
almost 9 years ago

Not really a film you need to see at the cinema, and if you haven’t already been you probably won’t get to as this film is understated. Remember the first time you watched Goodfella’s, take that ‘wow this is cool’ feeling and multiply it a few times. One of America’s deadliest contract killers of all time tries to balance his ‘working’ life with his home life. Some seriously great acting will send chills down your spine, and the hero/villain (you decide) is just EPIC. Almost gave this a 10, but due to Ross (from friends) being in the movie I couldn’t do it.

Excellent film by James Hurndall
almost 9 years ago

Shannon is brilliant in the lead role here, cool as a cucumber just like his real life counterpart, there is a brilliant supporting cast of david schwimmer, winona ryder and chris evans to name just a few, it was especially good to see schwimmer and evans outside their comfort zones, but enjoying themselves. This will go under the radar at the cinema as there are no special effects or superheroes, but if you like your films gritty, well told and thought provoking then there is loads here for you. Loved it


Film Score

9.5 stars

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Release Date
Runtime 105 minutes
Genre Drama, Thriller, Crime, Science Fiction
Budget $20,000,000
Revenue $0

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