The Craft

A Catholic school newcomer falls in with a clique of teen witches who wield their powers against all who dare to cross them -- be they teachers, rivals or meddlesome parents.

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Teen Witches but are they bitches? by Peter Roberts
over 6 years ago

Teen Witches but are they bitches? One of them becomes the biggest of all. This film has a basic story and a pretty predictable plot. However it does tell its story quite well and is enjoyable to watch if nothing else is on.

New girl comes to town, discovers some friends with the same interests which just happen to be witch craft. They discover and grow their powers until one of the group goes bad and then they fall out with the new girl. She beats the bad witch in the end. Now you dont have to watch it if you dont want to. There is a good cast in this but none of them really progressed past making teen movies. The most sucess was for Neve Campbell in the Scream franchise. This film was well made and has got a following that makes it stand up over the years so it will be remembered and replayed on TV numerous times. Like I said only watch it if nothing else is on.


Film Score

6.0 stars

Film Information

Runtime 101 minutes
Studio Columbia Pictures
Genre Fantasy, Drama, Horror, Thriller
Budget $15,000,000
Revenue $24,769,466

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