Do the Right Thing

Do The Right Thing takes place on a hot summer day in Brooklyn and depicts the racial conflict between an Italian American pizza restaurant owner and his African American customers and how things erupt into a violent outbreak. This Spike Lee Joint touches on themes of segregation and apartheid in the USA.

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Radio Raheem by Peter Roberts
over 10 years ago

The rings on Radio Raheem's fingers are the inspiration for the name of this website. I saw this film when I was a teenager and the message has stuck with me ever since. The other thing I have learned is that when it is ultra hot, stay off the streets. I think I love every character in this film even though they do draw heavily on stereotypes. This film is so well made and has such a strong message I forbid you to not like it. Check out another great Spike Lee joint called 'Clockers'. It's another slice of American ghetto culture but much more realistic an gritty.


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10.0 stars

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Release Date
Runtime 120 minutes
Genre Comedy, Crime, Drama, Indie
Budget $6,500,000
Revenue $37,295,445

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