The Karate Kid

Hassled by the school bullies, Daniel LaRusso has his share of adolescent woes. Luckily, his apartment building houses a resident martial arts master: Kesuke Miyagi, who agrees to train Daniel ... and ends up teaching him much more than self-defense. Armed with newfound confidence, skill and wisdom, Daniel ultimately faces off against his tormentors in this hugely popular classic underdog tale.

Wax on, Wax off by Peter Roberts
over 9 years ago

Dont watch the remake, go with the original. This is the best even though the remake has much greater quality in production values, acting and cast. But you cant beat the ropey fight scenes and eighties kitsch of this master piece.

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Film Score

6.0 stars

Film Information

Release Date
Runtime 126 minutes
Studio Columbia Pictures Corporation
Genre Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Family
Budget $0
Revenue $90,815,558

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