Edward Scissorhands

Edward Scissorhands is a classic Tim Burton and Johnny Depp film about a small suburban town that receives a visit from a castaway unfinished science experiment named Edward. A satire on the normality of Middle-America and their fear of outsiders. A magical fairytale story of loneliness, learning, and love; that will make you laugh, curse, and cry.

Absolutely, Positively... by Mary.B Ogunmuyiwa
over 7 years ago

Edward Scissorhands is one of my favourite films – if not, my favourite film – in the entire world! It has all the elements of a good Tim Burton film; a romantic look at a quirk-laced society, through the eyes of an oddball outsider.

When I was a kid, I remember fighting tooth and nail to watch this film, because my Mother thought, it would scare me. I remember, sneaking to watch it, while my mother was busy doing something else in another room. I was always busted by my brother. Now their reasoning, always baffled my younger self. Because, what they saw as an odd, scary assault on my – still developing – psyche, I saw as absolutely beautiful.

And it is, it is an absolutely, positively, beautifully done film. It's Tim Burton and Johnny Depp, at their finest. It has a great cast, who just add to the emotional depth of the entire freaking thing! It is sweet without being annoying, it is dark without being scary, it's funny in all the right places and it's just emotionally touching. It is touching and It does just, touch you so much. And it stays with you. It stayed with me. It was my first lesson in compassion.

So my advice is, watch it and show it to as many kids as possible. Because with all the crap, that is on TV and in the cinemas now, they could be watching much worse!

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Film Score

10.0 stars

Film Information

Runtime 105 minutes
Studio 20th Century Fox
Genre Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Budget $20,000,000
Revenue $53,000,000

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